Initiation into the Esoteric Practice of Patanjali’s YOGA SUTRAS

The Superior Transformative Power of the YOGA SUTRAS from a Tantric Perspective

online recorded modules 1-4

with Nicolae Catrina


Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’ is an essential guide to the timeless, soul-liberating essence of yoga. Even after two thousand years, this treatise still is one of the best (and the most respected) manuals for a balanced and successful Yoga practice. It thoroughly describes the various states of meditation and spiritual awakening, also outlining the foundational principles and ethics of Yoga.

The powerful spiritual tools that it provides are based on one’s inner experience, so they are effective for anyone. The Tantric perspective on Yoga Sutras helps us to realise that the Sutras describe not only a sure and safe way to godly ecstasy (samadhi); they also allow us to take the wisdom, power and perfection of samadhi back into our everyday life! Understanding and practising the Yoga Sutras through a Tantric perspective will give life and depth to Patanjali’s aphorisms and will offer us both the access to the very roots of Yoga, and the possibility of experiencing samadhi here and now, due either to a personal perseverant practice, or to a Tantric practice in a loving couple.

The purpose of this Workshop is to offer the deep understanding and intuition which are necessary to unlock the secrets of the Yoga Sutras. It will be revealed Patanjali’s brilliant vision regarding a timeless path that underlies all spiritual traditions: the path of moving from ego (ahamkara) to our essential Self (Atman).

In this respect, there will be provided – based on the original Sanskrit text – effective practical modalities in order to:

• Transform almost every moment of our daily life into a blissful spiritual realisation
• Hugely improve both the quality, and the transformative power of our Yoga or Tantra practice
• Obtain the revelation of our essential Self (Atman)
• Deeply harmonise our love relationships
• Enjoy an ever happy and fulfilling life.

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