Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – Retreats

Spiritual Enlightenment through the practical wisdom of


modules 5-8

online/on demand based on recordings

with Nicolae Catrina

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is not a philosophical text but a universal manual of practical wisdom consisting of 112 methods providing an astonishingly vast spectrum of modalities to access the direct experience of Divine Transcendence and to achieve an immediate spiritual realization. This ancient treatise reveals the esoteric art through which each and every life-situation may become a particular form of yoga transforming it into a formidable occasion to discover who we really are, to ecstatically reveal our Essential Nature (the Supreme, Absolute Self, Atman).

The retreats included:
  • commentaries on the sanskrit tantric text and insights to its esoteric practical keys
  • experimenting the universally efficient techniques encoded in the text with a step by step guidance
  • useful tools for transforming many of our daily experiences into powerful catalysts of inner transformation
  • ancient traditional meditation techniques
  • special tantric initiations and more.

Payment methods

❖ The tuition fee is €200/module

How to..

❖ The participation to any of the modules is not conditioned by the attendance of the previous ones.

❖ They are in English and we do not offer translations.

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❖ You will have at your disposal five full days to complete each module (we will decide together the time interval during which you will watch the recordings).

❖ After the subscription is complete, usually in 2-3 working days, a member of our team will contact you for details, and later on based on what you have decided together as time interval he will send you an email with the access links and passwords.

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❖ We do not allow audio-video recording of any of this modules.

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