Stages of spiritual perfection in love and through love

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Is it possible for the deeply refined joy of a spiritual or soul merging or the initiatory state of being in love to be always complemented by an ardent, erotic desire and amorous ecstasy, or by a perfect and durable harmony of being a loving and happy couple forever?
The initiatory answer to all these questions is YES! But this affirmative answer requires a certain condition: the love in the loving couple must be sufficiently profound and mature, because otherwise, all these extraordinary opportunities might be missed.
It is often said that love is everything, but this statement refers to divine love, because love, as it is commonly understood, is not everything: it is only the beginning of a long term spiritual undertaking, the beginning of a long journey.
In profound, mature love, we can talk about a gradual “human deification”. Equally however, we can metaphorically talk about a “humanisation of the divine” – a descending expression of the divine to our current level of understanding and existence.
The human that rises and the divine that descends, always meet in our heart. This is why, it can be said that initiation in the mysteries of divine love is one of the fastest paths to spiritual perfection, because on this path there is always a direct link between our heart and the Heart of God.

Author: Nicolae Catrina

ISBN: 978-606-93822-9-5
Number of pages: 172
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