The Essence of Yoga

Yoga is a sacred science, the path to know your inner self.

Yoga is so much more than just physical postures (asanas). They are only one part of the richness of the ancient yogic heritage. It encompasses many ways to reach oneness with the divine.

Yoga means to join, to link with the divine.

In order to make yoga more accessible, many schools in the western world renounced the very core of yoga which is spirituality. All of us have a spiritual dimension, but it is hidden away by layers of ignorance.

Most of the western people practice yoga in order to heal their body or to maintain it healthy; to eliminate stress or to be fashionable.

In India there are 15 millions of yogis. For most of them yoga represents their entire life. They abandon everything that is profane and embrace a life of austerity, prayer and devotion. Although in the world, a yogi’s mind is fixed on God and then his entire life becomes a diverse and complex strand of opportunities to penetrate the world of ignorance (maya) and to reach the divine essence.

All of us yearn for happiness and fulfillment. The problem is that we always search for them outside us.

Imagine a state of consciousness beyond thoughts, above the concepts of happiness or sadness, no tumult of any kind, untouched by the chaos of the world but at the same time united with its essence… No past and no future… Just the present moment. No desire but at the same time ultimate fulfillment. You feel unique but simultaneously mirrored by the indescribable beauty of the entire creation. Bliss…

Is it possible to experience such a state of consciousness and maintain it in your daily life? The yogic sages say yes and even much more than that.

Traditionally when one becomes a yogi their purpose is to unite with God.

Why do you practice yoga?

Article by Julia Kolozsvari

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