INITIATION INTO TAOIST EROTIC ALCHEMY – Modules 1, 2 & 3 with Nicolae Catrina

Initiation into Taoist Erotic Alchemy

online/on demand modules 1, 2 & 3
with Nicolae Catrina

In the ancient tradition of Taoist Inner Alchemy (Neidan) the erotic energy is an essential aspect for a very effective spiritual development. One learns to cultivate, control, and refine the erotic energy for attaining an amazing longevity and good health, as well as the Spiritual Immortality.
By cultivating, preserving, redirecting and circulating the erotic energy to the higher force-centers one invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions and awakens the superior spiritual powers which are usually dormant, latent in the human being.

During this series of online modules, numerous practices and methods of Taoist erotic and inner alchemy (either for personal use, or in a loving couple) which will be offered: from the “Waterwheel” secret method of circulating, refining and alchemizing our inner subtle energies, to the exceptional esoteric practice traditionally called “Beheading the Red Dragon” (which consists in a series of techniques specially designed to induce a massive transmutation of the procreative potential and then to refine the resulted energy into superior, beneficent and spiritual forms), as well as many other ancient traditional processes and methods for attaining both an exceptional inner energy and longevity, and the spiritual enlightenment.

For women, these various practices can rapidly shorten menstruation, eliminating also all associated physical and emotional discomfort or even suspend it completely at will, as long as desired. Thus, women will have more life-force energy (Chi), more creative power, autonomy and fulfillment. For men, these techniques will offer a condition of perfect amorous continence. Both men and women will experience, when this esoteric practices are mastered:

  • The bliss of a whole-body erotic and spiritual experience
  • Regenerating and rejuvenating effects, including at the body level
  • The developing and refining of life-energy for self-healing and life enhancement
  • A state of superior and almost constant spiritual happiness
  • The realization of the Immortal Self (Atman, in Sanskrit).
  • A powerful harmonizing resonance effect at the level of DNA, due to the masterful combination of love, eroticism and spirituality.

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