Kashmir Shaivism Retreats

Kashmir Shaivism Retreats

based on the recordings of the 2021-2024 retreats

with Nicolae Catrina

Payment methods

The tuition fee is €200/edition

How to..

❖ The participation to any of the modules is not conditioned by the attendance of the previous ones.

❖ They are in English and we do not offer translations.

❖ If you wish to subscribe we ask you kindly to fill in the form below with the required information and attach in the form the proof of payment.

Click here to fill in the form.

❖ You will have at your disposal five full days to complete each module (we will decide together the time interval during which you will watch the recordings).

❖ After the subscription is complete, usually in 2-3 working days, a member of our team will contact you for details, and later on based on what you have decided together as time interval he will send you an email with the access links and passwords.

❖ The links are personal and are not to be shared.

1. Bank transfer

❖ We do not allow audio-video recording of any of this modules.

For more information please contact us: contact@nicolaecatrina.com

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