Yoga for women

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Is it not true that in the  tumult of your life you wish for the time and opportunity to take care of yourself, not just from the physical, but also from an emotional and spiritual point of view? Here is the course that will help you achieve just that!

This course is designed especially for the modern woman who lives in the fast lane and has a limited time for relaxation, regeneration, exercising  and harmonisation.

In this course we will offer you the opportunity to explore in a practical manner the traditional yogic philosophy in an innovative way that was designed specifically for women.

During our meetings you will be offered:

  • Body postures that were specifically chosen for women, accompanied by a broad description of their physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits;
  • An introduction in various types of yoga (hatha, kundalini, bhakti, karma etc.);
  • The yoga of beauty – an extraordinary path to discover profound beauty and to amplify it in our being;
  • Breathing and meditation techniques that have extraordinary benefits in amplifying vitality, positive energy, health and regaining inner balance and harmony;
  • Simple exercises of mental concentration that are very effective for the multi-tasking woman;
  • Well-known relaxation techniques called yoga nidra that will bathe you in harmony, serenity and regeneration.

Here are a few immediate benefits of our courses:

  • Improving physical and emotional health;
  • Removing stress and tension;
  • Weight management and the harmonization of the body;
  • Amplifying vitality and the levels of energy;
  • Improving self-confidence;
  • Amplifying femininity and the power of fascination;
  • Improving mental clarity, attention, focus and memory;
  • Finding oneself;
  • Getting rid of the problems that occur during menstruation;
  • Regeneration and charging with positive, beneficial energy;

This course addresses all women, regardless of age or experience in the yoga practice and it is structured in modules that approach various needs and aspects of womanhood. Here are a few of them: YOGA OF RELAXATION, REGENERATION AND FEMININE HARMONY, YOGA OF SELF-CONFIDENCE, YOGA OF HEALING AND EMOTIONAL HAPPINESS, YOGA OF BEAUTY, YOGA AND FEMININE EROTICISM.


This module is meant to help you relax, regenerate and charge yourself with positive energy using various secret techniques from the yogic tradition, enriched with practical elements from modern psychology.

Learn with us how to be relaxed even while you’re working, how to prevent or how to effectively deal with daily stress and how to enjoy life. Relaxation is a sine qua non condition for happiness.

This module is addressed to you if:

  • You feel tired or even drained;
  • You wish to get rid of daily stress;
  • You want to be more efficient in everything you do;
  • You feel depressed and you lack an appetite for life;
  • You wish to explore your femininity;
  • You feel the need to practice yoga in a modern way that is adapted to your needs as a woman.

We will practice or learn:

  • Very effective yoga secrets for relaxation, regeneration and quick harmonization of the being;
  • Techniques of relaxation using Tibetan bowls;
  • Yoga nidra (effective techniques of progressive relaxation and beneficial visualisation);
  • Breathing techniques;
  • Dynamic meditation;
  • A fascinating journey in the world of colours – relaxation and enchantment using cromotherapy;
  • Body postures (asana-s) for regeneration – “youth without ageing”

Teacher: Julia Kolozsvari.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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