BHAIRAVA MUDRA, The Tantric Direct Path to Spiritual Enlightenment


The Tantric Direct Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Initiation into the practice of Bhairava mudra

online recorded workshop

with Nicolae Catrina

The Bhairava mudra is highly appreciated in the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, being unanimously considered as an essential — and direct — technique for attaining the spiritual enlightenment. Having many forms and called also Krama mudra, it can be said that it is one of the most special and refined practice of Tantric Shaivism. Bhairava mudra is also called ‘The Great Mudra of Transcending (or Resorption)’ because all impurities and imperfections that still exists in our consciousness are gradually dissolved in the beatitude of the perfect unity with God.

The term ‘Bhairava‘ is one of the many names of the Supreme, Absolute Transcendence (Paramashiva) and is traditionally depicted with all-seeing wide-open eyes. Likewise, in ‘the attitude of Bhairava‘ (Bhairava mudra), one sees the external world clearly while remaining grounded in the mysterious inner reality of being.

Bhairava‘s wide-open eyes also express the sense of wonder and astonishment which accompanies direct perception of Absolute, Godly Reality. Indeed, the practice of Bhairava mudra brings gradually (but rapidly) in the practitioner’s consciousness the ecstatic realisation of the holographic nature of any life experience, and that makes any experience complete, ‘perfect’ in its own way.

Through Bhairava mudra, our experiences become ‘whole’ and perfectly integrated because they unify all the concrete elements of everyday life with the Supreme, Godly Self (Atman). Thus, any life experience — even the apparently unimportant or banal ones — may become an exceptional opportunity to discover, in a new and ever fresh way, our essential, absolute Self, Atman.

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