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The Art of Living and Dying

An enlightening approach on the mystery of death and the initiation into the universal mysteries of attaining the state of divine ecstasy and the spiritual liberation through the secret methods of integrating the so-called “intermediary states” – BARDO.

An inspiring, life transforming course based on lectures, initiations, meditations and the practice of various esoteric techniques.

In the western civilization a deep spiritual ignorance manifested as taboo and fear surrounds most often the phenomenon of death. On the other hand, the Oriental Yogic Tradition considers dying – one of life’s greatest passages – and the spiritual preparation for death an essential process from the standpoint of one’s spiritual evolution and liberation. The syllabus of this course is based on a modern synthesis of a multitude of traditional revelations about the mysteries of life and death and includes multiple efficient spiritual practices and techniques. Among the topics and the techniques you will be initiated into during this course we mention:

The secret wisdom about what happens during the process of death and what comes after that;

The phases and stages of our condition in the subtle realms or spheres of existence;

The initiation in Bardo Thodol, the centuries-practiced Tibetan manual of dying;

The training on how to pass through the passage of death in a spiritual manner and to be able to help or guide others to do the same;

The yogic preparation for death during one’s lifetime using methods both from Indian and Tibetan Yoga;

Conscious astral projection;

The attaining of the transfer of consciousness (PHOWA) at will;

Meditations and initiation in certain MANTRAS of power;

Powerful techniques of spiritual awakening;

Additionally, will be presented in a practical manner some very important modern discoveries, methods and applications (included in the domain of Parapsychology) regarding the conscious translation into the higher states of consciousness.

Teacher: Nicolae Catrina.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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